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About Weston Wildlife Specialist in Weston

Attachment (10)Weston Wildlife Specialist has been working with Wildlife for the last 30 years, We are dedicated to Educating are customers to help them understand the balance of coexisting with wildlife and when it’s not an option. Some of these creatures are very important to us. Despite there less than desirable reputation bats feed on 1000 mosquitoes per hour, Devouring 8000 mosquitoes in a single night. A natural insect control of disease eating mosquitoes. No harmful pesticides what an amazing Ecosystem! I think what sets me apart from other companies is I care about the animals as well as my customers. Being in this field I see not everyone shares my same values. I encourage you to do your research, If your hiring someone ask them if they are doing the job at hand. The state of Ct. issues these Lic. after rigorous testing !! Anyone doing the job should have a Ct. State Lic. and if leaving a crew there to work, There should be a Lic. person on the site.  I understand it’s cheaper to leave someone there and move on to other jobs, But that carries Liability and safety issues for everyone on hand. It doesn’t hurt to Just say I’d like someone with a Lic. to stay on the job site. I don’t think thats to much to ask to protect yourself and the workers on your property.

IMG_1271Joe Gray
NWCO Lic. # N0852

I’ve been a Veterinary Technician in Fairfield county over 28 years. I’ve been in the wildlife business over 25 years. I feel this is important as I have a love for all animals. I treat all wildlife with respect and if something can’t be relocated and it has to be euthanized I will do everything to make sure that animal feels no pain. I believe in preventing wildlife encounters and teaching customers to coexist with outside wildlife. But no wildlife belongs inside your home. This needs to be addressed. So don’t wait till they enter your dwelling. Call Weston Wildlife Specialist and get an estimate on sealing your house from unwanted guest!