Bat removal specialist Bat removal Bat removal specialist westonWe have been doing bat removal and exclusions for over 25 years, We have studied bats behavior and perfected are exclusion method to keep you and the bats unharmed. Bats although having such an undesirable reputation they are amazing creatures.They feast on over 8,000 insects in a singe night. We need these creatures as Mosquitoes carry numerous diseases such as West Nile Virus, Several types of Encephalitis, And remember this is how Malaria was spread. Bats are an amazing part of the Ecosystem.
Bat removal is very important to us so we are committed to humane exclusion methods that protect both bats and are customers. We follow all guidelines posted by Bat Conservation International. These methods are important to the survival of these beautiful creatures as without them we would find ourselves with an overpopulation of disease ridden insects and having to use dangerous pesticides to do the work of one bat colony. So choose Weston Wildlife Specialist for your bat exclusions so we can do the job right with no harm to anyone including our bat friends. We can show you methods after the exclusion to keep bats at a safe distance.