Flying squirrel removal Darien Ct by Kris and Jill of Weston Wildlife Specialist, We have done 6 squirrel and flying squirrel removals this week in Darien and Westport Ct. Flying squirrels are very intelligent they know how to avoid traps. They are only active at night so everyone knows in the home they are moving around. It’s not an easy task as they have all the nuts they brought in from outside and they like there warm dwelling. Now most guys just try to use a repellent and try to get them to leave only to find out 14 days later they’re back! This is are reason for trapping and relocating these pest. It may be harder but our clients do not see flying squirrels again. It’s very important to relocate these guys at least 10 miles from the area they were caught as they will look to return. After they are trapped and relocated the sealing and cleaning come into play. This is very important as other flying squirrels or creatures can try to re enter. After trapping we due a thermal imaging to ensure all pests are removed and to locate any holes that aren’t easily seen with the naked eye. After that we start the sealing of entire top 1/3rd of house. And after things are sealed we spray down entry point as they have the pheromones from flying squirrels telling others its a happy place, Thats why its so important to spray everything down and change any damaged insulation with new. This deters any future pests from wanting to enter this dwelling. Thermal imaging also shows me any urine and feces that these pests have left behind. Once we seal these guys out we don’t want ant smell of urine to attract other creatures to the dwelling. So when we are done our clients are pest free!!https://www.westonwildlifespecialist.comFlying squirrel removal Darien Ct