IMG_1218 Many people are not aware of the concept of wildlife removal and how it is important. Some might think it is an inhumane way of treating animals as you forcefully get rid of them. Nonetheless, wildlife removal will only be unjust to animals if you choose to do it the wrong way, such as doing it on your own and in the absence of knowledge on how it can properly be done to assure the safety of the animal in question and the safety of all involved. .

If you want to get rid of wildlife, such as in the case of bats, the best thing you should do, is to hire the services of Weston wildlife specialist. They are equipped with the skills and the right materials to have the job done right and prevent any mishaps. Very important for us to capture the bat without damaging the head as the brain needs to be tested with a florescent antibody test and brain has to be fully intact to run this test. I can’t stress how important this is as it takes all the questions out of the equation. If the bat isn’t tested everyone in the household can be at risk of Rabies. There are post exposure vaccines but they are expensive and time consuming. If the bat is caught and tested this is all prevented.No unnecessary injections. Bat Removal and exclusion is the next step in the process to prevent the situation from ever happening again. Exclusion is done by using a one way door for bats to exit and sealing up all entry points with a quality material that will last for at least 10 years.Then after a thermal imaging inspection is done to assure bats have left we will remove one way doors and finish sealing up perimeter and do final inspections with high quality images and also thermal images for owner to observe the quality work that was performed and leaving the owner free from any bats returning.