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Prevention of wildlifePrevention of wildlife is very important to avoid any unwanted encounters with your family and pets. Take time to observe the surroundings. Make sure there is no food left outside, secure garbage can lids, Close your garage doors at night. Close your car windows if not garaged. Things that we can do for prevention are check foundation vents which are favorite place for mice to get in, Exhaust vents to keep out mice and birds, Dryer vents where all animals like to come in as it’s warm on a cold day, Louver vents, Soffits vents need to be screened as these are prime places to enter. Other things are Chimneys need to be capped as raccoons and squirrels love nesting here, And screening under decks and patios keeps animals away from those areas. So we can explain to you how to do these things or we can take care of these things for you. These things will help prevent a dangerous situation.