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Weston Wildlife Specialist servicesBat removal and exclusion
Raccoon Removal
Squirrel removal and repair
Opossum removal
Snake removal and prevention
Woodchuck removal and prevention
Ground hog removal and prevention
Coyote trapping and removal
Fox removal and prevention
Mole removal
Mice removal and removal service

Weston Wildlife Specialist is dedicated to serving Weston, Westport, Redding and all surrounding areas. We are open 365 days a year 24 hours day 7 days a week. We handle every aspect of animal control and prevention to assure the safety of are customers and there families. We teach are customers how to prevent these unwanted wildlife issues and how to handle them in an emergency and know when they need to call us to intervene. We would rather avoid these dangerous situations for all of us. So call us if you have any question at all on how to handle a wildlife situation.