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Animal removal New Canaan

Animal removal New Canaan done by Kris of Weston Wildlife Specialist, This time of year is busy with mice sealing. This is something that is important to us as we know that mice bring in fleas and ticks as well as Disease. Mice are dirty creatures and if left alone can cause real mess and […]

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Animal Removal Westport

Animal Removal Westport by Kris of Weston Wildlife Specialist, We have a bat removal in Weston and a squirrel removal in Westport today. It’s been busy last few days as the weather has been like spring. We all love working with the animals it’s nice making the client happy by removing there pest and it’s […]

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Raccoon removal Westport

Raccoon removal Westport By Kris of Weston Wildlife Specialist. Raccoons don’t hibernate they are around all year long looking to get a free meal from somewhere. Raccoons break into homes and garages tear apart your garbage. They can be very destructive. So we need to remove these pest and keep them out. We offer our […]

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Squirrel removal Westport Ct.

Squirrel removal Westport Ct by Joe and Kris of Weston Wildlife Specialist, We have not slowed down this year. Squirrels and flying squirrels are everywhere. We have been very busy in our community of Westport and Weston. We have trapped the squirrels and now we are starting the sealing process as it’s very important to […]

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